Resident Evil 5 starts viral 'Kijuju' campaign

Capcom's official Resident Evil 5 website has spawned a new viral campaign that's chock full of mystery, candle light confusion, something about someone (or something) in Kijuju and RE5 unlockables. Head scratching confused? Let us explain.

What we know is that this viral campaign's mission is to get the RE5 community to come together to unlock exclusive RE5 assets including screenshots and videos which will ultimately flesh out some of the story. You can start the viral journey by waving the candle around until you spot the number "1". Then, simply click to enjoy video goodness. Next (here's the community part) you're supposed to spread the RE5 viral word by sending your friends to the website which will unlock new content and (potentially) gain you website fame. The first goal is to get 100,000 video views, which should unlock the next viral task. Oh, and just in case you weren't aware, Kijuju is the area RE5 takes place in.