PTRs back up for more testing mayhem

Been itching to try out some of the new hotness of the test realms? If so, you're in luck. Blizzard has brought the test realms back online for all your something-new-to-do needs. There are still people reporting problems with level 80 characters who were transferred over being locked, which may prove to be a snag if you transferred early, got shunted to the Spanish PTRs, then tried to re-copy. (No update on that situation as of yet.)

If you want to go try out your new Mechanostrider or Chocob...err...Hawkstrider mount; see what kind of nerfs or buffs have hit your favorite class; number-crunch the PvP changes; or check out any of the myriad changes coming up in 3.0.8 - now is the time!