Did it seem like a long year?

You might not notice it, but actually 2008 will be one second longer than a standard year (or, as comments point out, one day + one second -- it is a leap year as well!), as scientists add that leap second to make up for variations in the

speed of the rotation of the earth.

The change will come on the stroke of midnight Universal Time. That adjustment will take place automatically for GPS systems, Internet time servers, and radio time signals around the world.

Like most things in our world, there is a bit of a debate on all this time changing, with some serious proposals to abolish the leap second completely.

You'll be happy to know that your Mac will take the time change in stride, and add the appropriate second when needed. Modern Windows versions are also ready to sync up.

Just make sure your computers are using an Internet time server to set the date and time automatically, which in OS X is switched on by default. If you are not connected to the Internet, the sync will happen next time you are. Now, doesn't all the anxiety you had about this go away?

via [Silicon Alley Insider]