Live from LG's press conference

The first conference of the day is LG, everyone's in place expecting Blu-ray, Netflix, HDTVs and ... we'll let you know in just a moment . Hold on ''til things kick off at 8 a.m. PST (11 a.m. EST.)

11:41AM Promising more phones for '09, but no introductions yet, we're wrapping up now -- we made it through somehow. Holla!

11:39AM Bring an LG phone to their booth and they'll lock it up, charge it in an hour via the power of the sun. SkyCharger @ the booth can charge <100 phones at a time

11:38AM LG Mobile's Zero landfill policy as a part of Eco-Mobilization. say hello to the solar powered car kit - we'll be picking up one on the way out, you ready to win the swag bag for 2009?

11:36AM talking up the LG Incite right now, Decoy, more of last year's mobiles incoming. LG Lotus is hip, fashion-y, expressive, you've got one right? Also necessary, LG Dare, "most don't know" consumers are using the drawing pad, your kid's 3rd grade color painting is now on a slide

11:33AM boring marketing speak WE WANT MOAR DICK TRACY WATCH PHONE - make it happen.

11:31AM LG Mobile phones is up next - growth up to 35 million handsets last year: They were #1 on Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular at the same time at one point last year..claim dominance over the QWERTY keyboard domain and all bordering lands

11:30AM Next up, NAS that can read/write Blu-ray, 50GB isn't just for movies anymore...ok that's over, now we'll say hello to Product Strategy and Marketing VP (and final speaker) Ehtisham Rabbani

11:28AM 3 series of LCD monitoons, 43 series entry levelm 53 series , M7W line adds HDTV tuner

11:27AM 2009's HDTV Lineup: LHX top of the line model is wireless & super slim

11:26AM CinemaNow, Netflix, stop us if you've heard this already (you have), but NetCast is adding Yahoo! widgets and YouTube

11:25AM New feature alert: NetCast for Blu-ray and HDTVs pulls info straight from the Internets

11:25AM TruMotion 240Hz highlights again, which we're not quite believers in, LED backlighting is a different story. Energy Star certification

11:24AM "No compromises" "39% of adults plan on watching more TV, 35% watching more DVD", LG's hitting tight-pocketed consumers in 2009 with features including ease of use, customization

11:20AM Peter Reiner, Senior VP from North America Marketing and Strategy is up next

11:19AM It's real, production starts later this year, Celine Dion pack in not confirmed

11:19AM Full 3G, Bluetooth, speakerphone, touchscreen, 3 side mounted buttons and integrated music player

11:18AM Prototype mobile phone watch: Zach Morris would love it. He's making a call right now

11:16AM 2 Mobile DTV channels broadcasting here in Las Vegas right now. the slide promises Final standard in 3Q of this year, commercialization in Q4.

11:15AM "can you hear me now" in a phone trailer is always good for a laugh, judging by this crowd. If we believe the video, it will work perfectly, no matter where you are, is that something you'd be interested in? Next up, mobile ATSC tech

11:14AM Prepare for for more Mark Levinson pimping, phones, TVs, HTIB, all tuned personally by Mr. Levinson. The demo phone on screen uses two mics to eliminate background noise

11:13AM Now talking up last year's BD-300 with Netflix Instant Watch, BD-370 and BD-390 and will push this forward with CinemaNow, YouTube and other providers. DivX HD, MKV support is confirmed for 2009.

Yes, we just said MKV.

11:12AM Last year's 47-incher was 105.9mm with 128 local dimming zones of LEDs, this year's doubles the ocntrast ratio and upgrades to 240 local dimming zones

11:11AM 2009 development: TruMotion 240Hz adds Interpolated frames with LED backlight, claims clearer fast motion pics -- we're skeptical

11:10AM "Next big thing is 3D" 3D chipset will be integrated in all TVs, plasma and LCD models will be on display at the booth

11:09AM LG's choosing WirelessHD for its televisions, 60GHz wireless for uncompressed 1080p transmission

11:09AM Wireless HD, 3D, mobile ATSC and more incoming

11:08AM Pretty upbeat intro considering the economy, life and everything, next up is "the father of HD", lifetime Emmy Award winner Dr. Woo Paik, CTO of LG, promising a "sneak peek at advanced tech coming from LG.

11:06AM LED Backlighting, wireless streaming, 120Hz and network connectivity remain a big part of LG's HDTV line: Yahoo, Netflix, CinemaNow content straight to TVs will be a part of the future growth

11:04AM "Last year was a very important year for LG Electronics...sales increased over $13 billion last year..result of a focus on novelty and stylish products that fit into consumers everyday lives" marketing spending and R&D investment isn't going down so expect more Blu-ray + (insert tech here) combos

11:02AM John Taylor's on stage promising a fast paced program, introducing CEO / Vietnam vet / humanitarian / general badass Michael Ahn

11:00AM 10:59 a.m.: The voice has mandated all take their seats, the trailers running on conveniently placed LCDs are already touting energy savings and Blu-ray.