The Daily Grind: Choppa or Slayer?

Oi you gits! We'z been choppin' stunties for months witout you! We chopped and chopped till their bloody heads was all over the floor. But where was you? Off with the Bigguns and the Squigies and summat. Leavin' us to do all the Choppin witout help. We likes dat fine, don't you mistake, but more choppin's always better than less choppin, I always say. So what do you say, you going to start choppin' with us?

I think that's a mistake, lads and lassies. Don't listen to that befanged mongrel over there. He'd as soon gut ye as look at ye. Now, my life has been wasted. My honor has been ruined and the goal of me father's blood oath is forever beyond my reach. My life is at an end ... I just haven't died yet. If you want to eat wee babies and gut cats, go with him. But if you want to find an honorable end among the orange, you want to go to WAR with me. Are ye in, or out?