The Daily Grind: What is the expansion of your dreams?

Last week's announcement of Warhammer Online: Call to Arms has a lot of folks re-examining their views on Mythic's baby. Some are frustrated that Mythic is taking their eyes off of bug fixes, while others can't wait to roll their first slayer. Regardless of personal opinion, Call to Arms has definitely gotten the playerbase talking. Which, of course, is what we always want to provoke from you in these morning discussion threads. Today we're wondering what expansion you want to see coming down the pipe for your favorite game.

Whatever your game, what's the big chunk of content you want to hear them announcing? Do you want a return to Luclin in EverQuest 2? News of the Emerald Dream coming to World of Warcraft? Does the word "Rohan" hold any meaning for you Lord of the Rings Online players? Think big and dream big! New classes, new zones, maybe a whole new style of play? What would be the perfect compliment to the way you already play your MMO of choice? What would make it perfect?