LG GM730 hands-on (with video!)

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LG GM730 hands-on (with video!)
We had opportunity to check out one of LG's newest smartphones, the LG GM730 at MWC today. We've seen all the specs but thought knew you all needed a really good look at the new S-Class UI. This phone is not final, so our hands-on shows a few interface hiccups, but, you'll get the drift. So what's the take away here? This appears to be a darn fine overlay on Windows Mobile, access to things from the home screen are simple and quick: mail, messaging, calendar, menus to get at network settings and so forth are a welcome addition. The device feels sturdy (even without a back) and looks just fine in our sleep deprived eyes. Carry on for a video with all the action and a gallery stuffed full of MWC love.

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