Guildwatch: It wasn't me, man

*Sniff sniff*. Smell that? It's the smell of desperation -- the smell of a ninja who knows he's been caught. Zlickrick above found a piece of loot in his mailbox that was supposed to go to someone who won a raid roll, but instead he put it on. And now, confronted, you can almost see the desperation in his text. Unfortunately, once an item is soulbound, it's pretty much lost. But still, he knows he's been caught. And GW knows it, too.

That story and more in this week's Guildwatch, bringing you drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. Send your guild's information (or any drama you've spotted) to, and click on to read this week's column.


  • Too Cute To Die on Trollbane hasn't had a lot of drama lately, but they did have a big hide-and-seek event in Darnassus recently: a level 80 Blood Elf Lock decided to hide from them, and they had a good two hours chasing him down while he used potions and skills to stay hidden. They're calling it the first annual "Horde Hunt" -- fun idea. If your guild is looking for something fun to do, maybe find someone from the other faction and set them loose in a zone somewhere while flagged PvP.

  • Also not drama: we are sorry to hear about the passing of Zooropa of Little Legs on EU Argent Dawn. We didn't know her at all, but it's very touching to see an outpouring of emotion from all of the people who knew and played with her on the server. RIP.

  • Man, doesn't anyone have some good knock-down, drag-out drama this week? East Coast Raiders on Silver Hand have a story that starts out well -- they messed up on an Immortal raid and asked a GM for help -- but then it turns all touchy-feely. The GM fixes the instance for them in a fair way, and then when they do get the achivevement, the GM shows up and puts on a fireworks show. I mean yeah, it's nice and all, but where's the backstabbing?

  • Here's a little drama: Prepared on Aegwynn has made a name for himself by multiboxing way too many characters at the same time, but we hear he's been crossing some lines. Playing ten characters at once through Naxx is one thing, but loading up both sides and stealing vehicles/giving away positions in Wintergrasp so one side will win is completely another. Plus, the guy's been a little kooky, doing things like talking to himself through different toons, and the rest of the server is pretty much so fed up with him that he's KoS for most of the players who see him walking by. Multiboxing is all well and good, but when you start ruining the game, isn't that when Blizzard should step in?

  • Haweye was in a guild named Kill Loot Repeat about a year ago, and he was accused of ninjaing a guild bank right around that time. He eventually moved on to Liquor Nest of The Forgotten Coast, and renamed to Beasst, and apparently he's up to his old ways: he disbanded the guild, emptied some 16k in gold and about another 10k in mats from the guild bank and hightailed it off to Is A Beast. He claimed he had earned the money. The guild officers of his new guild say it's not their problem, but we wonder if they're giving him access to their guild bank. Once a ninja always a ninja right?

  • Ashes of the Pheonix on Area 52 need a few PuGGers to fill up their raids, but apparently when an item they want drops, Master Looter goes all wonky, and somehow the item ends up in one of their guildies' hands. I like the special touch they put on it: "Sure, we'll put in a GM ticket, see you later." Logging out when people try to confront you about it is classy, too.

  • It was inevitable, really. Both Lost and Eternals are claiming server first for Flame Leviathan over on EU Ghostlands' progression thread. They both have screenshots, but things get good on the next page when nasty allegations of photoshopping arise. Know what really is "strong fail"? Fighting over timestamps on screenshots for the very first boss of an instance.

  • You may have heard of the PvPer Serennia. Apparently, he got kicked out of his guild, aptly named Drama. And this post on WoW Riot has all of the behind-the-scenes squabbling you'd ever want to read about it.

  • Apparently members of Noble Order of the Bugbear are not good players. That's right, people in Noble Order Of the Bugbear. Noble. Order. Of. the Bugbear. Do we have to spell it out for you? Ok, we will: Noob. Sure, they're jerks (and chaotic evil -- nice job pulling out the D&Dictionary), but for that, we'll give them Best Guild Name of the week.


  • Evocati on EU Stormreaver downed normal Sartharion 3D. Grats!

  • Saintz on Twisting Nether also cleared Sarth 3D, and on the night before the patch, too. How sweet.

  • August Muse on Ravenholdt-A has made their first complete clear of Heroic Naxxramas. Way to go!

  • Ascension, from Madoran, finally beat Heroic Kel'thuzad for the first time ever. And they did it with only 20 people. Grats!

  • The raiding alliance of Babylon Alliance and Spawn on EU Dragonblight have managed to clear the content, some on normal and some on Heroic. Grats on all of it.

  • Death by Cupcake of Twisting Nether pulled off The Undying and nabbed Glory of the Raider and the Plagued Proto-Drake just five hours before the servers closed for patch 3.1. That was close.

  • Docet Umbra of EU Turalyon also had a close call -- they had only a few members who needed Sarth 3D for the drake, and they had him almost down -- until they came up with a 0% wipe. Heartbreaking. But fortunately, about two hours later, just 45 minutes before maintenance, they got him. Grats! Recriutment, they say, is open.

  • Dirty Little Secret on Nazgrel finally cleared regular Naxxramas with just two healers and a new level 80 who got some major loot. Congrats to all!

  • F U B A R of Vek'nilash has succeeded in downing 10-man Naxx. They also finished off Flame Leviathan and Razorscale in Ulduar as well. Way to go! They're recruiting, too: Raiders are helpful, but anyone is welcome, as long as you're 18+.

  • Nephilim of Cenarion Circle-H downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale (for a server first) and XT-002 Deconstructor (for a Horde first). Grats!

  • In the first week of Ulduar, Diabolical on Frostmourne downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale and Reconstructor. They almost got Kologarn, too, but an unlucky incident led to a wipe. They'll be back next time.

  • Midknights of Mayhem (Saurfang) was finally able to down Naxx-10 after a couple of weeks of trying. In the meantime, they've been farming OS and VoA regularly as a ramp up to Naxx.

  • Balance of Judgement (EU Darkmoon Faire-A) had both of their ten man groups down Flame Leviathan within about thirty minutes of each other. The first group even started the fight on Heroic in hard mode, but they realized their mistake soon after and tuned it back down.

  • Asylum of EU Frostmane EU says they got the world first Shoutout heroic achievement without even trying. They had no idea what they were doing and so apparently didn't know to even touch the switches during the fight. We're not sure how they know they're world first, but good show anyway.

  • Vereor on Kalecgos downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, and Deconstructer. Ignis was an Alliance-first as well. Grats!

  • AFK Premade on the Frosthold server finally dropped 10-man Sapphiron and KT to clear out Naxx. Grats!

  • Dark Aftermath, Kilrogg-A, had a great week, finally downing Malygos 25 and then taking down Sarth 2D for good measure. Nice.


  • Mattachine Knights on Proudmoore-A is again recruiting for Ulduar 25. They are a GLBT-friendly guild actively seeking a couple Priests (holy and discipline) and a Warlock interested in working toward end-game content. Check out the website for more information and application.

  • The Flat Earth Søciety on Antonidas is a casual guild headed for Heroic instances and raids, as well as some Arena and BG PvP. They're recruiting all classes -- hit up the website for more.

  • Adaptation on Arathor is recruiting for 10-mans. And they are hoping to grow into doing 25-man raids as well. Any class, any spec welcome in a small guild that is very helpful.

  • Mystical of Sisters of Elune is recruiting! They're a casual raiding guild that does 10 man Naxx, Ulduar and OS weekly. They also like to occasionally have "fun" nights of goofing around or doing old raids or instances, and just recently opened an RP Division of the guild. If you want to join a mature, fun-loving guild that caters to those who want to raid AND RP, not just one or the other, look them up.

  • Unknown Originz of Blackdragon Flight are a casual raiding guild made up of Australians and Americans. Because of the time differences they are only able to be a casual raiding guild but they do have a lot of fun raiding together. Grobbulous and Heigan were the main roadblocks, but they've since moved past and gotten a full clear. They're recruiting folks interested in raiding at a casual place, hoping to fill up a 25-man group. Specifically they need Tanks, Hunters, Shamans, or Shadow Priests.

That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!