Patch 3.2: More profession changes

We've picked up some more details about professions in Patch 3.2. Some of the changes were covered a few days ago by Eliah. The notes made today elaborate more on engineering, alchemy, fishing and cooking changes.


  • Stackable potions now stack to 20.

  • Five new epic gem transmute recipes are available from the Northrend trainer. The recipe for transmuting a Cardinal Ruby can be learned from a quest, given by Linzy Blackbolt in Dalaran.

  • Rage potions can now be used by druids.

I have an entire guild bank tab filled with nothing but Mana Injectors. I was both saddened and delighted when I heard that potions now stack to 20. Big plus to Potion of Speed and Potion of Wild Magic since those will be stackable now. But are they going to be completely useless? Nope! Wait until you see the Engineering changes. It means I don't have to make any more injectors! New epic gem transmutes are on the way too!

More profession changes after the jump.


  • Blackened Dragonfin Recipe: Now only requires 1 Dragonfin Angelfish.

  • Chef's Hat is now superior-quality and allows the chef to cook faster.

  • Drop rate for recipes from the Outland Daily Cooking quests increased.

  • A chance for a bonus Dalaran Cooking Token from the Spice Bag has increased.

  • Captain Rumsey's Lager recipe can now be randomly found in the quest reward Crate, Barrel, or Spice Bag from the cooking dailies.

My first thought looking at the cooking changes is that I'm going to have to go and pick up a Chef's Hat now. Faster Fish Feasts? Yes please!


  • Added a schematic for a Goblin Welding Beam that can heal friendly mechanical units.

  • Alarm-o-Bot functionality changed. Materials required reduced.

  • Box of Bombs no longer requires an anvil.

  • Doubled the duration on Nitro Boosts.

  • Increased benefits from Hyperspeed Accelerators, Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket and Reticulated Armor Webbing glove modifications.

  • Increased the passive bonus provided by Springy Arachnoweave, Flexweave Underlay and Nitro Boosts.

  • Increased siege damage caused by Saronite Bombs and the Global Thermal Sapper Charge.

  • The Ultrasafe Bullet Machine and Saronite Arrow Maker schematics have been simplified to create a full stack of the appropriate ammunition. No longer requires an anvil. Reduced the materials required to make this ammunition.

  • Mote Extractor now has innate tracking for gas clouds while it is in your inventory. Tracking of gas clouds has been removed from goggles.

  • Potion Injectors now increase the amount gained by 25% when used by engineers. Quantity produced by recipes for Runic Healing and Mana Injectors has been increased.

  • Significantly reduced the cooldown on MOLL-E.

  • Spynocular belt enchantment changed to a Brassbolt Rebreather, allowing engineers to breathe underwater.

  • Transporter devices are no longer classified as trinkets and can be used directly from your inventory.

  • Reduced the materials needed to create all engineering Dragonlings, and reduced their cooldowns, although they still cannot be used in Arenas.

Here we go! The most hotly debated profession gets several changes to it. I mentioned earlier about the changes to potion injectors. It seems like engineers who use injectors now get a bonus out of it. As a healer, I can't help but wonder if that alone is worth a profession switch. Then I remembered what a grind leveling engineering was and thought better of it. But at least injectors aren't going to be completely useless anymore.


  • Players with 300 or higher cooking have a chance to find a Waterlogged Recipe in the Bag of Fishing Treasures awarded by the Northrend fishing dailies. This item can be traded to other players and rewards several Dalaran Cooking Rewards when turned in.


  • Added a new Glyph of Claw for young feral druids who haven't yet obtained Mangle. Inscribers can learn this glyph from the trainer.

  • Master's Inscriptions increased.


  • Added recipe for Heavy Knothide Leather to Leatherworking trainers (rather than a vendor recipe). Changed several recipes to use Heavy Knothide Leather instead of regular Leather.

While we know the other professions are going to undergo additional buffs, we don't exactly know what. Like Eliah, I'm also curious about how the Tailoring changes will evolve.

Patch 3.2 will bring about a new 5, 10, and 25 man instance to WoW, and usher in a new 40-man battleground called the Isle of Conquest. will have you covered every step of the way, from extensive PTR coverage through the official live release. Check out's Guide to Patch 3.2 for all the latest!