Meizu M8 gets new UI, possibly Android?

This one's for all of you Meizu fanboys out there: To tide you over while you wait for the M8 3G launch in March 2010 (with a possible M8 3G S planned for Smarch 2043 or thereabouts) the company's announced that the handset will be getting a UI refresh with its firmware 1.0 release come August. Keep in mind that the above image only shows the flowchart that the kids at the eico design lab are using to concoct all their fantastic new transitions and animations, and not the interface itself. And if that isn't enough to keep you entertained this fine morning, it looks like Meizu has put together a team "with the sole purpose of investigating the Android platform." Whether or not this "investigation" will amount to anything remains to be seen, and it doesn't look like the company has any serious intentions for this device beyond the domestic Chinese market, but who knows? Maybe there is a Meizu handset with the open source OS in your (distant) future. Stranger things have happened.

[Thanks, nice2know_u]

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