Apple iPhone 3G S trouble roundup

As we said following the Pre launch, no new gadget is immune to growing pains -- especially when it's tied to a manufacturing and distribution campaign on the scale of the iPhone 3G S. Statistically, it's just not possible to walk away from an opening weekend without a few hiccups when you're pushing this many units of anything; the best manufacturers can realistically hope for is to keep problems minor, respond to issues quickly, and spin the crap out of anything that comes up.

To that end, here's what we're tracking on the 3G S from the first three full days of sales:

  • Apple is awarding $30 iTunes store credits to individuals affected by lengthy activation times on their new phones. Regular activations shouldn't take more than an hour or two (ours were basically instantaneous) and ports from other carriers should take a maximum of 48 hours, but some unlucky individuals are still waiting to come online. We probably would've destroyed the phone with a hammer or a direct impact with a wall by now, so our respect goes out to those of you who are still waiting and haven't destroyed anything of value.

  • It seems that some users are getting the error message pictured above when attempting to hack tethering support onto their AT&T iPhones using mobile config files available online, though repeatedly deleting and re-adding the configuration seems to help in some cases. Of course, AT&T isn't supporting tethering on the phone at this point anyway, so we wouldn't expect a shoulder to cry on if you call in to customer service with this one.

  • Boy Genius Report is reporting that sounds played by the phone are immediately followed by some sort of extremely high-frequency tone -- the kind little kids and the next door neighbor's dogs hear, but you may not.

Anything else going on out there in the field? Perhaps more importantly, anyone being driven batty by shrieking blasts of ultrasound they couldn't identify?

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in]