More Monster Hunter bundles hit Japan

Perhaps there's no real point to releasing these new bundled sets, considering just about every person in Japan already has a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (aka Freedom Unite). If, by some off chance, they don't have one (or even a PSP), then, sure, this looks like a pretty good way of getting into the addicting craze. The new bundles, which include either a radiant red or vibrant blue PSP Brite (both with a copy of Freedom Unite packaged inside), will hit Japanese retailers on July 23 for ¥21,000 ($220).

These carnival color PSPs seen in the bundles are not all-new; they've been available in Asia for some time now. Technically, a customer could pick up both a copy of the game and either PSP color (or another) right now, get the same value as next month's bundle and only spend a trivial sum more. Also, it's not as intricate and wonderful as the one that appeared at launch. Why'd SCEI even bother?