Skype HD: 720p videocalling from PCs or directly through LG & Panasonic HDTVs

Skype has already made an impact on the home phone, mobiles and PC desktops (couldn't do our podcast without it) and now it's taking on the living room. LG and Panasonic are already lined up to deliver new HD webcams for their internet connected plasma and LCD HDTVs that will enable living room-to-living room calling in 720p. With support for the service's standard features like free Skype-to-Skype calling, voicemail, receiving inbound calls and more, using the TV to make calls should be just as easy (but likely more embarrassing, try some HD makeup -- just a tip) as we're used to. PC users haven't been left behind with 720p HD streaming built into the latest client and new webcams on the way from faceVsion and In Store Solutions. Like the ones planned for the TVs, they handle video processing onboard so even older computers or underpowered netbooks can support HD streaming without bursting into flames. Let the good people at Skype explain it all to you in a video embedded after the break, we'll wait to get our hands and made-for-SD faces some time with the new setup this week at CES

Update: We've found a few pics of LG's version of the Skype HDTV experience to go along with the Panasonic rendering above, check the gallery.