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LG Rumor Touch hands-on

LG Rumor Touch hands-on
Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper|@sean_cooper|January 8, 2010 10:28 PM
LG launched another Rumor set on Sprint yesterday: the LG Rumor Touch. As you all likely sussed from the name, this iteration brings touchscreen -- resistive -- to the mix and it also comes loaded with a pretty stellar keypad. The touchscreen is pretty sharp as well, both with the haptic feedback when using it, response to your finger's pokes, and the quality of the display itself. The feel of the set is a bit light, -- but it doesn't extend to cheap -- the slide is solid with nary a bit of rattle, and the fit where the device's various edges meet is good. A standout, while trivial, are the themes the Touch supports, whereby, depending on season, the UI changes to winter, turkeys for thanksgiving, and, well, you get the idea. While we covered off all the specs yesterday, we learned today the Touch Rumor should ship for mid-March, but still no word on pricing. So with that, why don't you drop below and have a peek at the gallery and watch the video walkthrough we put together with one of LG's finest.

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