Magnetic3D glasses-free 3D eyes-on

We didn't get a chance to check out the whole line of Magnetic3D autostereoscopic displays, but a trip to the International Gateway got us a quick glance of this challenger to Alioscopy. It claims up to 9 viewing angles, an improvement over Alioscopy's 8, plus support for compressed MPEG-4 video and a smaller video player, key for the digital signage market these displays compete in. We did detect a bit more "pop" from greater distances and angles than competing tech, but unfortunately what we didn't see was any indication this technology is any closer to being ready for regular TV watching. The 3D film over the demo 1080p LCD still drops the resolution somewhat and makes 2D viewing a messy blur, so for the time being, these displays popping out ads from streetcorners or slot machines will have to do.