Steve looked healthier at iPad event

MacDailyNews points out that not many bloggers or journalists covered the issue of Steve's health at last week's Apple event, but I'd argue that it wasn't really a huge story -- the guy is doing his job, and while we definitely want to make sure he's healthy, his well-being is not really for us to judge. That said, they put a picture of Steve from last September up side by side with a pic from last week's event, and it's true that His Steveness does look a little more colorful. Given that he's probably not going to share much information with us about his health issues (which is completely his right, obviously), we're at least happy that it seems he's a little more hale.

Needless to say, we only hope he's feeling better, as Apple just isn't the same company without him. We do know he's personally invested in the iPad, if the rumors are to be believed, and so if this current run of work is helping him stay active and keep busy, I'll be extra happy to support it when the tablet finally reaches the shelves.