See PSN-bound Joe Danger in action

Hello Games could be pulling a fast one on us all, but the first trailer for the studio's upcoming digitally distributed Joe Danger features PlayStation 3 button commands on screen during the map creation showcase (as pictured above). As such, we're totally breaking out the jump to conclusions mat and getting our hop on -- the game is clearly coming to PS3 (via the PlayStation Network)! Alright, alright, it helps that during the game's preview on the latest GameTrailers TV, it gets a "PSN" tagged lower third. And yes, we've followed up with the developers to see if it's heading to Xbox Live and Steam as well.

We've also embedded the whole trailer after the break and we suggest you give it a peek. Mr. Danger's introductory role looks to be quite intriguing; the gameplay appears to be a mélange of Motocross Maniacs and Trials HD, with a bit of LittleBigPlanet lite thrown in for good measure. If it's even half as awesome as what that sounds like, we're ready to give it a try.