SDK devsugar: 3.2 leaves beta

As of yesterday, with the release of the iPad hardware, the 3.2 iPhone OS SDK is no longer in beta. The SDK is now available to all members of the iPhone developer program, including the free online program. Normally, during beta, the SDK is limited to paid members only.

Since the SDK is now in general release, the NDA will have timed out as well. That means that you will be able to talk freely about the 3.2 SDK outside of Apple's developer forums. Although those forums remain an excellent resource for tracking down information from Apple engineers, they are highly moderated.

Since the 3.2 gold master release of the SDK is also known as "Beta 6", you can expect (with a fair degree of confidence) that a new beta should be showing up, behind the NDA and paid developer barricades, in short order. Hopefully, it will address any missing-in-action iPad features and offer some new iPhone-specific features.