iPhone OS 4.0: Enterprise Features

Apple has posted an outline of what it believes to be the key enterprise features of iPhone OS 4.0. Third-party multitasking, enhanced security and mobile device management are among the marquee features.

As a former IT director, I'm drawn in by mobile device management (MDM). Setting up individual pieces of hardware is a time-consuming hassle. New MDM APIs let developers integrate features like wireless configuration and update, remote wipes and policy compliance (no games, please!) into their apps. Additionally, wireless app distribution lets managers then install those apps over Wi-Fi and 3G.

Apple also touts the unified email inbox and SSL VPN support along with pre-existing features like Exchange support.

Still, there will be users who feel that the iPhone is a plaything when compared to the all-business Blackberry. May they enjoy their plastic QWERTY keyboards and multi-tasking prowess for years to come.