Is this proof of a Verizon iPhone? (updated)

According to a tip we've just received, Apple's long-rumored, hotly-desired Verizon iPhone could turn out to be more than mere fantasy, though we warn you, this is nothing to start placing bets on. If you believe the above graphic -- a snippet of data allegedly from the recently reliable Flurry Analytics -- then at least a handful of non-AT&T phones are currently in play. The numbers show a polling of carriers a particular app is being tested on, and there's no denying that Verizon is most certainly on that list... albeit in small numbers. Now obviously this is in no way conclusive evidence of anything, and you've got to allow for the possibility -- however pathetic and slim -- that someone is just Photoshopping this little infographic, but if it's accurate, well... that's something.

Update: Proof? Probably not. We've been in touch with Flurry who thinks the data is from Verizon DSL or FiOS subscribers using their iPhone at home over WiFi.