Finally, WiiWare gets a Descent game

The best thing about Interplay having one foot in the grave is the easy access it has to all the corpses in the cemetery. Having already cast a resurrection spell on Stonekeep and Clayfighter, the publisher now looks to bring classic 3D shooter Descent to WiiWare this Fall.

Interplay CEO Hervé Caen calls the disorienting game's reorientation on Wii an "exciting move," noting that "Descent remains the most popular 1080º 3D blasting game." The task of translating all that super-hot 3D to WiiWare will fall to independent studio G1M2, which previously worked on portollections like Data East Arcade Classics for Wii and Metal Slug PC Collection.

Also, now that we're revisiting Descent, aren't we halfway to a Descent: Freespace revival? Everyone, say "yes."