More BlackBerry Bold 9800 pics surface: AT&T and virtual keyboard in, SurePress out?

You might've been intrigued by the previous show of the BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider, but this new series of images blows those all out of water. The Berry Fix has a plethora of pics for your perusal, chief among them a showing of the virtual keyboard to complement the physical QWERTY. We gotta say, every announce of good design sense lost on the 9670 must have been spent on this guy; we're really intrigued by this one. If that wasn't enough, we've got two more details that'll tickle your fancy: an AT&T splash screen for one, and claims from the article's author (via Twitter) that RIM's not using SurePress here. That'd actually be quite a relief, but until we get our hands on the sucker, let's just curb our enthusiasm, mkay?