Springteq introduces WeGo HUD / GPS for your auto

This certainly isn't the first automobile HUD we've seen, although, to be quite honest, we're still pretty appalled by the lack of futuristic displays in our whips. Manufactured by Springteq of Taiwan, the WeGo HUD navigator integrates a GPS to project navigation data on your windshield. The projector itself features 400 x 240 resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio, and a 4.5-inch image size. Brightness automatically adjusts depending on ambient light levels (courtesy of an optical sensor) and controls are mounted on your steering wheel to keep your hands where they should be while you drive. The basis of the system is a Windows CE device with 2GB flash memory and an SDHC card slot. Both this and the WeGo mini should see the light of day (so to speak) in Q4 2010 -- just as soon as Springteq can find a partner company to help bring it to market. Video after the break.