Pandora for iOS 4 hits the streets

Not a minute too soon! As expected, Pandora has updated the much-loved music app for the iPhone to version 3.1. This build will (drumroll) allow you to keep playing music when you move on to something else.

Of course this will only work on devices that support multitasking on iOS 4, which means the iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 4 available later this week.

As I write this, Apple has just delivered the OS update for current iPhones, so those with the iPhone 3GS are good to go. This update will make a whole lot of people very happy. I tried out the 'music in the background' feature with the golden master of iOS 4, and it worked like a charm. Pandora did ask me to re-enter my password. Your mileage may vary on that one.

Pandora! Grab it.