Nexus One lives on as Google's official developer phone

Well, it looks like the now slightly dated Google Ion finally has an official successor -- Google has just announced that the Nexus One is its new developer phone. It apparently remains unchanged from the recently-axed consumer model, however, and Google notes that it will ship with Android 2.1 but receive Android 2.2 shortly after you turn it on. Got your developer credentials handy? Then you can log in and get your order in right now for $529.

Update: We just got a look at the specs on Google's developer site and it looks like the Nexus One on offer is unfortunately T-Mobile only. Check out the tell-tale bands for yourself after the break.

Update 2: The specs mention that the device has "no root access" and that the bootloader is locked, but we're taking this to mean it's no different from any other Nexus One you'd buy. More ominously, though, it says that fastboot isn't enabled, which leads us to wonder whether this is going to cause problems with bootloader unlocks in the field. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Thanks, Carson!