Live from Apple's fall 2010 event

We're inside the event and getting ready to get underway -- stay locked here for up the minute live coverage! Follow along after the break to see what's what, and make sure you're around at the times below for the start.

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11:23AM Ha! Chris Martin: "This is a new song we're doing, it's called Coldplay 2.6. It features 7 chords. None of our competitors have it. Jony Ive designed it. It's in the key of iMinor." We THINK we got all of that. The audience was in hysterics.

11:21AM Thanks to our devs Dan and Justin and the Blogsmith team for keeping us up and running! And thanks for reading!

11:21AM We'd love to hang out and party with Chris Martin of Coldplay, but we've got product to handle (hopefully!). Stay tuned for hands-on!

11:20AM Well -- it looks like the Apple TV won't get that name change after all. Curse you REAL ITV!

11:17AM He's doing another one! Viva La Vida.

11:13AM Well go figure -- he's playing "Yellow"

11:13AM "This is probably the toughest closing gig we've ever had -- I don't have any products to reveal, and we don't have nearly as many downloads. I'll just play a song, and another and another if you feel like it -- until you feel like lunch."

11:12AM Piano and everything!

11:12AM "We asked Chris Martin if he had the time to come out and perform for us at this event -- and he graciously accepted. Please welcome Chris Martin." Wow.

11:12AM Whoa, Chris Martin from Coldplay is here?

11:11AM Somber moment. "Now, we started doing this music stuff because we love music. Whenever we have these events, we like to remind ourselves of why we do this, and there's no better way to do that than to ask one of our favorite artists to perform. We did that and he accepted."

11:10AM "iOS 4.2, HDR photos, Game Center. And Apple TV -- a phenomenal way to watch movies and TV. So those are the products we have to launch today. They're all rolling out, some today, most within 4 weeks."

11:10AM "So here's what we talked about today. New iPods. New Shuffle. New Nano... so small and compact that it's wearable. New iPod touch. The strongest iPod lineup we've ever had. And a new iTunes, with iTunes Ping. We think this is going to be very popular, very fast. And, it's on your iPhone and iPod touch."

11:08AM The Apple TV will be available in 4 weeks.

11:08AM Oh snap! We called it!

11:07AM "The price of Apple TV was $229... users said they'd like to see it more affordable. So we're gonna lower the price, from $299... to just $99."

11:07AM "You're going to be able to be watching a movie, push it to your TV, and finish watching it there. You're going to be able to push photos from your iPad to your TV... it's going to be pretty cool."

11:06AM Wow! You can push the video you're watching from your iPad to your TV. Really slick.

11:06AM "So that gives you an overview of Apple TV. Now let me show you something else that's really cool. We talked about AirPlay before. One of the things we can do with AirPlay is stream content from an iPad to an Apple TV."

11:04AM Ever seen an Apple photo slideshow? Yep. Just like that.

11:04AM Now we're seeing some streaming content from "Steve's" computer.

11:04AM Now Steve is demoing Netflix. "I can watch any one of these movies. This is by far the best implementation of Netflix too. It's easy to use and the quality is great."

11:03AM We're loving this... but we need more networks! Hello, HBO.

11:03AM Now streaming TV. An episode of Glee. It looks really, really good.

11:02AM "So that's movies, let's go onto TV shows. They all show up in one place here. In each season it shows me how many episodes I haven't seen."

11:02AM Steve just skipped ahead a bunch of chapters, no lag whatsoever. Video quality looks pretty good.

11:01AM "So I can rent for $4.99. And within a few seconds it's going to tell me it's ready. So let's get started."

11:01AM "I have one right here. You can see the kind of slideshows you can get on it. Let me go into top movies... this is all live. Let me go rent one. Iron Man. I can watch a free preview of course. I can just scroll down -- I can see what other movies the actors were in."

10:59AM Demo time!

10:59AM "This gives you a feel for Netflix. And, my own computer, I can get in there and listen to my content or anything else..."

10:59AM "TV shows, again, top TV shows. Click a button, $.99, you've rented a show. You can start watching in seconds. So that's TV shows. On the internet you can watch Netflix, YouTube, Podcasts..."

10:58AM "And you can see the tomato meter up there for the first time." Oh nice, Rotten Tomatoes integration, including reviews!

10:58AM "So this is what the UI looks like. It's really simple. Here's top movies, here's what you see. You want to rent -- single click and you're renting."

10:57AM "You can also watch anything you want on YouTube. You can get photos from Flickr and MobileMe. And you can stream content from your computer."

10:57AM "In addition to renting, you can also stream Netflix."

10:57AM "Remember, these are commercial free. Now this is a big step for some of the studios to make. So we have ABC and Fox. We think the rest of the studios will see the light."

10:56AM "So what about content? iTunes has the largest online library of movies and hd movies iin the world. You can rent them for $4.99 the day they come out on DVD. Now, to buy TV shows it used to be $2.99 -- people said that was too expensive. Now they're going to be $.99"

10:55AM "You stream content from your computer if you want to. There's no syncing required. Stunning photo slideshows. And, it's silent cool and tiny."

10:55AM "It's all rentals and you don't store anything on it -- you just rent them."

10:54AM "It's got a great remote. It's about movies and TV shows -- it's all HD when the content is available. We've gone to the rental model for this -- you rent everything."

10:54AM Wifi 802.11n

10:54AM Matte black. Around back it's got HDMI, USB, optical audio and Ethernet.

10:53AM It's small -- a 4th of the size of the current ATV. It looks like a small hockey puck.

10:53AM "This is the new Apple TV."

10:53AM "So we made something new."

10:53AM "So this is what we've learned. It's different than what a lot of companies think..."

10:52AM "They don't want to manage storage. They don't want to think about -- they just want to watch movies and TV shows. And they don't want to sync to a computer. And they want whatever hardware we have to be silent, cool, and small."

10:52AM "So what have we learned from our users? They want hollywood movies and TV shows whenever they want. It's not complicated. They don't want amateur hour. They want HD -- everyone wants HD. They want to pay lower prices for content. They don't want a computer on their TV -- they have computers. They go to their TVs for entertainment."

10:51AM "Of course I'm talking about Apple TV. Now, it hasn't been a big hit, but people who have them, love them and they use them a lot."

10:50AM "So, iOS, iPods, iTunes... not bad for one day. But we've got one more thing. Actually it's one more hobby." Boom!

10:49AM "Now, Ping is not just available on your computer. It's available on your iPhone and your iPod touch. It's showing up right in the iTunes store. Ping, it's a social network for music, created by Apple, and it's built into iTunes. iTunes 10 is available today."

10:49AM "Here you can see that it says Steve is going to this tour... all the activity I've done is available to my family or circle of friends, or anyone I want to see it. It's a social network for music... make sense?" Big cheers for that one.

10:48AM "There we go. There's concerts down here." Oh, Steve is going to a Paramore / Tegan & Sara concert. Weird.

10:47AM "Here's a post from Katie." Ha! It's Apple's PR honcho Katie Cotton. "So below Katie is Lady Gaga, here's a video..." Wow, a Gaga vlog. Scary? Yes.

10:46AM "Here's a song, Eddie has posted a song, I can preview it. And I can just buy it if I want to -- I can see all the songs on that album, listen to anyone that I want... real simple."

10:46AM "So here's my new hybrid view... it doesn't take any extra space. So I'm going to click Ping. This is my feed. I'm following Jack Johnson, he posted some photos. I guess he's on tour. And Philip has written a post -- I can write a comment too. I don't know how to spell.... and I can post a comment."

10:45AM Demo time!

10:44AM "I'd love to show it to you right now."

10:44AM "You can get as private or as public as you want, and it's super simple to set up. You can post your opinions and thoughts when you want to..." Will Apple be policing this? We'd like to know. If this is going to be App Store style... well... uh...

10:43AM "Super easy to use, and again, most of us will live in our feed right here. So, Ping is for social music discovery. You can follow people and you can be followed. Most artists will hold their hand up and say 'you can follow me' -- you can hold your hand up and say that as well, or you can say 'people can follow me but I have to approve who follows me.' Then you can set up a circle of friends. You can have you and your 10 buddies but no one else."

10:42AM Wow, this looks a LOT like Facebook!

10:42AM "You can get customized top ten charts of just what people are downloading that you follow."

10:41AM "Built right into iTunes is Ping -- you see all your recent activity. Here's a post from an artist -- Lady Gaga. You can find people just by typing in their name. If they've said 'you can follow me' you can follow them with just a click."

10:40AM "In iTunes 10 we're announcing Ping -- it's a social network for music. It's like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes. It's all about music."

10:40AM "Of course we have Cover Flow, and we have the iTunes store. Now one of the biggest things we focused on with iTunes is discovery. How do you find out about new stuff? People are always asking, what are my friends listening to? What are my favorite artists up to? There must be a better way."

10:39AM "So what's new? We've made it more elegant and simple. Here's list view, now you notice that in list view, the album column just repeats the name -- now we have a hybrid view where it shows album art in place of that."

10:38AM "Today we're really excited to launch iTunes 10... now this is the logo we've been living with for a decade. We thought it was appropriate that since we're about to surpass CD sales... it may be time to ditch the CD. So here is the new logo."

10:38AM "Now, as you know iPods are part of a great duet with iTunes. iTunes is pretty remarkable. People have downloaded 11.7b songs from iTunes. Over 450m TV episodes. 100m movies, 35m books. 160m accounts with credit cards and 1-click. It's the number one online media store in the world."

10:36AM New iPod touch ad -- focus on gaming. Of course!

10:36AM Wow, Cake! Cake is back, in an Apple commercial.

10:35AM "It wouldn't be Apple without some news ads..." Ads!

10:35AM "So all of this on an iPod touch -- we're very excited about this. An 8GB model for $229, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399. And they're available next week."

10:34AM "Here's the forward facing camera, here's the rear. You can trim movies on your phone, you can use iMovie. And of course you can do FaceTime -- not just with other touches, but with iPhones too."

10:33AM "A rear camera as well with HD video. 40 hours of music playback."

10:33AM "It is now in the iPod touch. The A4 chip, the same that powers the iPhone. 3 axis gyro, iOs 4.1... and a front facing camera and FaceTime." Big applause.

10:32AM "The new iPod touch has our amazing Retina Display in it. 4x the pixels at 326 ppi, 24 bit color, LED backlit."

10:32AM "So what are we going to do with this? We're going to make it even better. It's even thinner! It's even more beautiful."

10:31AM "The iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony portables combined! It's got over 50% marketshare for portable gaming worldwide. And over a billion and a half games and entertainment downloads have been made just for the iPod touch alone."

10:31AM "The touch has been a remarkable product for us. It's become the most popular iPod. People call it an iPhone without the phone -- it's also an iPhone without the contract!. But it's also become the #1 portable game player in the world."

10:30AM Six colors total. "It's still amazing to hold this much music in your hands. It sells for $149 for the 8GB version, $179 for the 16GB version... so that leaves the iPod touch."

10:29AM "Let's say I clip it on upside down... I just take my two fingers and rotate it. Now I'd like to show you some photos on it..." He's still upside down. "I live a lot of my life upside down." Some laughs for that. "So that gives you an idea of the iPod touch."

10:28AM "Thank you." Steve stopped Petty. Why Steve, why?

10:28AM Nice, Tom Petty!

10:28AM "I can swipe right and go through, or I can hold down any place and go to the home screen. Here's some other screens -- radio, podcasts, photos... now I listen to albums a lot, let's say I want that on the front page -- I can just move it like other iOS devices..."

10:27AM "This is the iPod nano. So, let me just flick some of the screens here. I can go right into music. I go into artists. I want to find Ella Fitzgerald, and I can just find a song."

10:26AM Demo time!

10:26AM "So take a look at some of these screens. You've got all different ways to access your music, you've got Nike+, this is what it's like to scroll through it... that's what albums look like..." Steve is literally just listing off the screens. It does look like a super tiny iPod touch.

10:25AM "It's super easy to use, and so small, we're able to put a clip on it too. It's 46% smaller and 42% lighter. It's got a clip so no more armbands. Hard volume buttons. Nike+. It works in 29 different languages. And 24 hours battery life."

10:24AM "The next generation we took it to aluminum, third generation..." Nothing? "The fourth generation... so what can we do to make this better? We'd like to make it smaller, so we eliminate the clickwheel, so we need to make it touch based, and then we make it multitouch." "The new iPod nano has multitouch" It's like a tiny iPod touch!

10:23AM "We're just getting started. So now let's look at the iPod nano. Here's the first gen."

10:23AM "And voiceover... and 15 hours of music. This little tiny thing. THis is what the packaging looks like... it's really cute! And it comes in 5 colors. And it sells for just $49."

10:23AM "You can clip it on and go. It's got some great features. Small and wearable, easy to use with the buttons. It's got playlists. It can speak the playlists. You can pick one that you want, you can have multiple playlists on your shuffle. We're adding genius playlists."

10:22AM "But people clearly missed the buttons... so what are gonna do? The new iPod shuffle." Wow! It's tiny, but has buttons.

10:21AM "So let's start off with the iPod shuffle. We thought we could make a really affordable player that is super easy to use. The second generation was even better. The third generation we took off the buttons..."

10:21AM "This year we've gone wild. We have all new iPods this year for every single model of iPods. The biggest change in the lineup ever."

10:20AM "So how many iPods have we sold? 275 million." Big cheers from this crowd.

10:20AM "We're really happy with iOS. So that's the iOS update. Now I'd like to get on to the entrée today -- the iPods. This our music event where we unveil the cool new music products we have for the holidays."

10:19AM "So all of us that use iPhone know and love these features, and we can't wait to get them on our iPads. So when is this coming out? November, and it will be a free update."

10:19AM "So I have Pandora here, here's some Jack Johnson, multitasking here, let's look at these emails... now multitask over to the web. We can go here (music controls) and stop and start our music. So let's see folders. I can get into jiggle mode here..." Ha! Now Steve is throwing apps into folders, just like it works on the iPhone.

10:17AM "Sow we get a Print Center icon in the dock -- and we can see what job is happening. Now what is AirPlay? Well you know how AirTunes works -- we're changing the name from AirTunes to AirPlay, because you're going to be able to stream video and audio over WiFi to your devices. More on that in a little bit. Let me show you how it works."

10:16AM "We're adding something really cool called AirPlay. So let me give you a feel for printing. We're in a doc and we want to print, we hit tools, and we hit print..." Pretty simple... it's printing!

10:15AM "This is all about iPad. All of it is coming to iPad. Wireless printing for iOS."

10:15AM "Now I have a surprise for you today -- a sneak peak at iOS 4.2"

10:15AM "So that's a peek at many of the things in iOS 4.1... and that is available next week for the iPhone and iPod touch."

10:15AM "That's on a phone! That's pretty remarkable."

10:14AM Steve is back.

10:14AM "Thanks everyone!"

10:14AM "Okay, I'm gonna take the gloves off -- let's see what you've got. I may be little but I'm really fast. The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Well, the smaller knight won, and the crowd here loved it. What does that say about this audience? The world may never know.

10:13AM They're showing off multiplayer battles in the game -- knight versus knight. "I'm just dragging moves on my screen... here I'm going to drag my boot on your face." Big laughs for that one.

10:12AM Wow -- extremely impressive graphics in this game. Very Fable II-esque.

10:12AM "I'm happy to be here to introduce a new game using Game Center." "Project Sword is a gorgeous action packed RPG adventure. Everything you see is in realtime."

10:11AM "Here's Mike Capps from Epic games to show us a tremendous new game using Game Center."

10:11AM Steve is running through some of the Game Center challenge features. "So that's Game Center."

10:11AM "So here's Thor, he's one of my 73 friends, and I've got these games that use Game Center and I can look at leaderboards and achievements and everything I've done with my friends..."

10:10AM "Another thing we're adding is Game Center. Game Center is all about multiplayer games. You can challenge your friends or they can challenge you, and if you don't have any friends we'll match you with someone." Ha!

10:09AM It appears to be matching a set of different white balances to make detail pop more.

10:09AM Steve is showing some examples of HDR photography -- some pretty big differences here for sure.

10:09AM "So what are High Dynamic Range photos? Well, when you take an image, it actually takes three separate photos, one with highlights, shadows, and midranges... and it combines them together to make HDR photos."

10:08AM "We've fixed a lot of bugs, proximity, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G. Secondly, we're introducing high dynamic range photos, HD uploads over WiFi, TV rentals..."

10:07AM "We've got over 250k apps, and 25k of those are iPad apps. Today we're introducing iOS 4.1. What's it all about?"

10:06AM "And iOS apps -- over 6.5b apps downloaded. Over 200 every second... whoa! There's another 200!" Big cheers for that one.

10:06AM "People are throwing around a lot of numbers as to how many of their OS they're activating per day. We're activating 230,000 iOS devices a day. We think some of our friends are counting upgrades as well. We think we're ahead of everybody."

10:05AM "iOS is our operating system that powers our mobile devices. For us, it's made the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch possible. So, how many iOS devices have we shipped since we launched the iPhone? 120 million." Huge applause here.

10:05AM "Now I want to talk about iOS.

10:04AM "We do 80,000 one to one classes a week. And of all folks buying Macs, over half are new users."

10:04AM "Remember when Macworld used to get 30k people coming to it? Well we have days were over 1m people visit our stores."

10:03AM "We now have 300 retail stores. We've come a long way. We're in 10 countries."

10:03AM "And here it is with people." Ha.

10:03AM "Right in the heart of Covent Garden. It's fantastic. A lot of restoration was required."

10:03AM "The third big store we opened has been in London. We got the whole building here right in Covent Garden. This is our second really large store in London."

10:02AM That is one crazy Apple store. "We think it's going to do really well."

10:02AM "We're also really excited about our second store in China which we opened recently in Shanghai. It is a 40 foot high glass cylinder -- it's kind of a landmark in glass engineering."

10:01AM "The first one is in Paris, it's a gorgeous store... great skylight. We spent 18 months restoring it... and here it is with people in it." Laughs for that one.

10:01AM "Thank you for coming, we have a lot of cool stuff to show you. I want to start with an update about retail. We've been opening some amazing stores lately. I want to fill you in on three on them."

10:01AM "Thank you very much... my partner in crime Steve Wozniak is here. Stand up!" Huge applause.

10:00AM Slightly modified turtleneck.

10:00AM Wow -- huge applause for Steve. And... is he wearing a different outfit!?

10:00AM The lights have dimmed and the music is off! And Steve is out!

9:59AM We just got the warning message to silence our phones. Things should be getting underway soon!

9:58AM The gist so far is mellow, acoustic music. We're sure that has nothing to do with that gigantic acoustic guitar hanging outside the venue. Nothing at all.

9:57AM Okay, we think this is Jack Johnson now, but we don't know his catalog well enough to be sure. It's extremely mellow and smooth though. Does that sound like him?

9:54AM Now a little Eric Clapton. An acoustic version of 'Layla.' Smooth. Real smooth.

9:53AM We're in our seats and... Alanis Morissette is on?