iPod nano built into Dreamcast VMU

I saw the new iPad nano for the first time this weekend, and though I knew it was small, of course, I was surprised by just how small it was. Despite the tiny little touchscreen, it really is about the size of the old shuffle. In fact, it's small enough to fit inside one of the old Visual Memory Units from the Sega Dreamcast. Unfortunately, the original controls don't work, and because the nano doesn't actually run any apps, you can't play anything even resembling the old VMU games that the extra controller units used to play in conjunction with the old console. But it is a nice little case for the new nano, and of course, it's just dripping with nostalgia.

You can find more information and pictures on the maker's website, which is in Japanese. Don't be fooled by the Sega or Sonic pictures, either -- that's the just the nano's photos app showing off. Very cool, though -- I look forward to seeing even more places to install the nano's tiny little touchscreen.