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MacBook Air: all substance, no Flash

MacBook Air: all substance, no Flash
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|October 20, 2010 4:07 PM
Amusingly enough, you know what's missing from the new MacBook Air models? Adobe Flash Player. While preloaded on Apple's past hardware, out of the box here it just says missing plugin, with no click to install option. To be fair, Flash doesn't come standard on a lot of machines, even for Windows, but we wonder if past models will continue to ship out with Adobe's plugin, especially once OS X 10.7 becomes de facto. It's not like Adobe was feeling the love from Steve anyway, and you can still install Flash yourself -- we did, and are happy to report the Air plays 720p video great. We were too bandwidth-challenged at the time to try 1080p for real, so we'll have to let you know about that later.
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