Dell marketing makeover simplifies brands, kills off Adamo altogether

We knew something was going on with Dell's branding with the resurrection of the XPS laptop line, and this morning we caught up with a few of the company's executives to learn all about the entire restructuring. As you can see above, there will now be three core brands -- Inspiron, XPS and Alienware -- all focusing on different "performance seekers." However, you'll notice that Adamo is nowhere to be found on that flow chart. Turns out, the sneaky disappearance of the Adamo XPS from Dell's site hasn't exactly been a coincidence -- it's completely killing off the premium brand and has actually tamped down volumes of the super thin machines. Now, that doesn't mean systems like the original Adamo and the Adamo XPS won't exist ever again as Dell VP Ed Boyd tells us similar products will be coming to the XPS line early next year. Simplifying the brands sure does make a lot of sense to us -- all the Adamo XPS, Studio XPS, Studio laptops have seriously confused us over the last couple of years -- but it's all part of a larger marketing campaign that will attempt to move Dell away from being a low cost brand and instead portray the company as providing choice -- a campaign Dell CMO Paul-Henri Ferrand told Reuters will ultimately cost hundreds of millions of dollars. We look forward to seeing what you've got Dell, but all we know is that we're finally going to say the following words with affirmation: "rest in peace, Adamo."