Field of Glory, Civ 5 out for OS X

Here's two good strategy game releases for Mac OS X this week (in case you want to spend a little time away from the family after the turkey's carved and eaten). First up, Freeverse has released a game called Field of Glory -- it's a turn-based hex strategy game that's originally based on a tabletop title and has you fighting medieval Roman warfare across single player and multiplayer as well as a number of different scenarios and setups. The game is US $39.95, and includes three expansion packs from the PC version, all ready to go right away.

But as cool as that sounds, here's the real hex-based strategy game you're waiting for: Civ 5 is out now for the Mac. And it's available on Steam under the SteamPlay banner, which means for $50, you get both the Mac and Windows versions, digitally delivered to whatever computer you'd like. If you've ever played any Civ game, you know this series is the pinnacle of strategy titles, and the new version not only adds hexes to the mix, but revolutionizes battle (no more stacks of doom) and streamlines city defense as well. I love Civ, and having it available in this way is something to be very thankful for.