Nano watchband includes bottle opener

Picture, if you will, the following. It's a hot summer day. You're hanging out doing some yard work with your iPod nano strapped to your wrist when you reach for a cold bottled beverage. That's when the moment of horror strikes: you have no bottle opener. You have nothing which with to pop open that wonderful refreshment. All you have is your iPod nano wristwatch.

Okay, that's probably not a common scene for most of us, but apparently the creators of the Richard Tracy nano watch strap have been there. This wristband for the iPod nano features a leather strap and laser-cut anodized steel adapter to hold the nano firmly in place. But since the steel adapter could be in any shape, really, they tooled it into the shape of a bottle opener. I guess if you're going to wear an iPod nano watch strap, a little extra versatility is a good thing.

[Via ThinkGeek]