LG Optimus Tab revealed? (updated)

Would you look at that. The device above could very well be the long rumored Optimus Tab we caught hanging out in the LG booth here in Las Vegas just moments ago. It certainly looked to be running Android 2.x beneath an 8.9 inch display but there's obviously no way to confirm the Tegra 2 processor. Whatever it is, LG was not very happy to have it on video judging by their quick "hey buddy!" request to shut down our camera. Specifically, the tablet was spotted in the floorspace occupied by LG's new series of WiFi-connected Thinq appliances sporting an LG home automation skin or app. We get a first glimpse of the tablet (or at least a tablet with a rear-facing camera) at about 10 seconds into the video posted after the break -- it's being held by a man who just used Thinq from his office to remotely feed his dog while watching the whole thing go down from the camera on his HOM-BOT robotic vacuum cleaner. Bizarre, we know, but strangely compelling. Of course, with Samsung's Galaxy Tab already on the market receiving its fair share of accolades, you can't expect its cross-town Korean rival to stay out of the market much longer. The only question we have (which LG wasn't about to answer) is whether this is a general purpose Android tablet or if it's dedicated to Thinq appliance management. We'll know soon enough as it'll certainly be unveiled this week.

Update: LG's official twitter account says it's the KT Identity Tab.