Live from Sony's CES 2011 press event

We're here live from Sony's press event here at CES 2011 -- we're expecting everything from the PlayStation Phone to the triumphant reappearance of Taylor Swift in 3D. We'll see what happens when things kick off in just over an hour!

6:03PM And we're done! We're going to go grab some hands-on of what we can.

6:02PM It's when you find yourself liveblogging Cirque Du Soleil doing Elvis that you realize CES is insane.

6:01PM Homeboy can't stop climbing chairs. So many chairs!

6:01PM Cirque du Soleil is building a massive tower out of chairs. It is in 3D.

6:00PM It's a little telling the more people are leaning forward with cameras for Cirque du Soleil than any of the products that hit here. Some cool stuff, but overall it was pretty light, no?

5:58PM "To close today's event, I'd like to introduce a gravity-defying, heart-stopping tribute to the King of Rock'n'Roll." Cirque du Soleil coming out to do Viva Elvis.

5:56PM It's a pretty nice interface on the PS3 -- looks very Cover Flow-y. They're searching for Elvis now.

5:55PM They're playing "I Gotta Feeling." CES will never, ever escape this song.

5:55PM They're going to focus on the service as experience on the PS3. Sync your music to the cloud, plus access the service library.

5:54PM Hide Nishino on stage to talk about Music Unlimited and Qriocity.

5:53PM He's talking about Music Unlimited hitting other Sony products, but we're still stuck on the PlayStation Phone and tablet mentions -- he definitely said "PlayStation," "phone," and "tablet" all in one sentence.

5:52PM That was a seriously strong hint about the PlayStation Phone.

5:51PM Launching a "line" of Sony tablets.

5:51PM "Now is an incredibly exciting time, and we're investing heavily in this area. You can expect to see strategic devices in the near future... including tablets currently in development and smartphones."

5:50PM Kaz: "We'll have services that connect to multiple devices -- including the growing mobile market."

5:49PM Coming 11.1.11 -- we knew that already, but we're still excited.

5:48PM We've seen this trailer before -- just not in 3D.

5:48PM We wonder if we'll have to shoot a bunch of people and then run to another place and shoot a bunch of people in this one?

5:47PM We're about to get a look at Uncharted 3 in 3D. Whoa.

5:46PM Talking up Gran Turismo 5 now -- 5.5m copies sold since launch.

5:46PM "Sony is in a unique position to bring 3D gaming to all your TVs."

5:45PM Kaz: "We're focused on a networked Sony experience."

5:45PM Phil saying thank you -- Kaz Hirai coming out now.

5:44PM And Steve leaves the stage -- looks like we're waiting for MWC to see the PlayStation phone.

5:43PM Xperia Arc arriving in Q1 around the world.

5:43PM HDMI out as well.

5:42PM Introducing Xperia Arc. Super slim and light, runs Gingerbread. 4.2-inch Reality Display with the Mobile Bravia Engine for improved image quality.

5:41PM Steve: "At Sony Ericsson we're focused on smartphones. We use the best and most open operating system -- Android."

5:41PM Bringing out Steve Walker from Sony Ericsson! Fingers crossed.

5:40PM The 3D images were displayed via PS3, which is nifty.

5:40PM Looking at some 3D WX9 photos now. They're nice, but we can't say 3D is adding much here.

5:40PM New WX9 offers "all the features I just mentioned" but will come in at under $220 dollars.

5:39PM Unveiling new Cybershots that take 3D stills, and allow you take photos during video capture. 1920 x 1080 60p video recording.

5:38PM Introducing the 3D Bloggie. HD 3D, 1080p 2D, 5.1 photos, glasses-free 3D screen.

5:37PM Two new Handycams with built-in projectors -- images can beam out up to five free across. Starting at $700 in March.

5:36PM The footage did look pretty good though. Camera coming in April for around $1500.

5:36PM They're demoing camera footage set to "Jump Jive and Wail." Oh man.

5:35PM "I've shown you TV, Blu-ray players, and a VAIO laptop. But what do consumers want next?" Showing off the "world's first consumer 3D camcorder that provides 'double full HD.'" Two 1080p sensors, two procesosrs, 10x zoom, glasses-free 3D display.

5:34PM Core i7, Windows 7 Home Premium. Available soon for around $1700.

5:34PM Now talking about the VAIO 3D laptop -- "Imagine slipping on a pair of 3D glasses and watching Green Hornet on a flight." Sounds... nauseating, actually.

5:33PM BDP-S780 Blu-ray player -- 3D capable, DLNA, WiFi. And -- Skype for free video calls!

5:32PM Unveiling the HX920 series of TVs -- 1080p, edge LED backlit, X-Reality Pro engine, MotionFlow. Oh, and 3D. Because Sony is making the world 3D.

5:31PM "We will and we can create a 3D world for consumers to create and enjoy." Um, yeah.

5:30PM Sony's doing little 3D lectures on their backlot in Hollywood, open to competitors. We're sure the Samsung guys are just racing to get over there.

5:30PM "While other companies are developing 3D products, they don't have the input we have from Sony Pictures."

5:29PM Talking up the new EX60 TV series, Edge LED-backlit, very thin, X-Reality Pro engine for better display of internet content.

5:28PM That's kind of huge news, actually.

5:27PM "Imagine a TV that receives all the content you love without a set-top box. We will bring a full complement of Time Warner channels both live and on-demand to a TV without a box." Using IP as the transport.

5:26PM "Make no mistake: Sony is, and will continue to be, the leader in both 3D and connected televisions."

5:26PM Going over the smart TV story -- called Sony Google TV products "groundbreaking."

5:25PM Sony bringing monolithic design to more of its TVs -- and select models are getting Gorilla Glass, which is exclusive to Sony TVs. That ought to make vigorous Move sessions a little less dangerous.

5:24PM "Our goal is to bring a totally new experience to consumers and redefine television."

5:24PM "By 2030, Sony will be the #1 consumer electronics company in the US. Tonight is another step."

5:23PM Phil: "I'm focused on creating and maintaining a meaningful dialogue with Sony followers."

5:22PM Introducing Phil Molyneaux. "He talks funny, but he's a good guy."

5:22PM "3D and internet television are poised on the same path" as color TV, HD, Blu-ray, and other technologies.

5:21PM "Sony has the knowledge, the vision, the assets, and the determination to shake up the television landscape."

5:21PM "This year... television will be redefined." Showed the Internet TV next to a 3D set at the end. Called it.

5:20PM Going through the history of TVs -- let's just go out on a limb and say they'll end up on a Sony 3D Internet TV.

5:19PM Sony's next major TV ad campaign will feature the tagline "TV redefined."

5:18PM Going over the usual numbers of how many people watch video online. Guess what? A lot of people watch video online.

5:18PM Time to talk about the Google TV products. "The next great shift is upon us -- the marriage of the TV and the internet."

5:17PM "You all complain about wearing 3D glasses, but I wore mine that whole time and I was so comfortable. That's not a plug -- you might also say I was so stupid." God we love Sir Howard.

5:17PM Bringing Sir Howard Back. He's taken off the 3D glasses. We're still in 3D though.

5:16PM Hiroshi says they're working on glasses-free TVs for the living room, with three prototypes in the booth. Using a 4K panel for the larger display and 2K display on the smaller side, which is interesting -- seems to be how other are solving the problem as well.

5:15PM Oh snap -- the portable Blu-ray player has a glasses-free 3D display!

5:14PM The headset also has a blue LED lightbar across the front, which is super slick.

5:14PM The headset and portable player are just prototypes. It is indeed a 3D head-mounted display. Two panels -- one in front of each eye, so there's no crosstalk. Built-in surround audio.

5:13PM Okay -- it's part of Sony's line of "personal displays." First, the new 3D VAIO.

5:12PM Hiroshi is going over basically what Sir Howard just said -- but we're totally distracted by that headset. It's white, and looks like a head-mounted display of some kind.

5:11PM There's some crazy set of glasses on stage, as well as what looks like it's a 3D portable Blu-ray player.

5:10PM Hiroshi Yoshioka on stage now.

5:10PM Also launching 3Net, a 24/7 3D channel from Discover, Sony, and IMAX. Heard about that one last year too.

5:10PM Lots of 3D movies coming from Sony as well: The Smurfs, TinTin, the Spiderman reboot, Men In Black 3.

5:09PM New professional projectors as well.

5:09PM 3D VAIO also coming, as well as new Bravias.

5:08PM 3D Handycams and the 3D Bloggie on screen. "Imagine watching your child's soccer games in 3D."

5:07PM "3D is far more than a science fiction gimmick... 3D is designed to mimic the world itself."

5:07PM Same message as last year -- Sony makes the entire 3D chain from camera to television.

5:06PM Network services are an important source of revenue -- Sony is now more than just hardware.

5:06PM "This is a significant base of connected products. As Godzilla once said, size does matter." 60m PSN accounts now

5:05PM By March, more than 50m televisions in the US will be internet enabled by Sony products -- PS3, Internet TV, and Blu-ray players.

5:04PM "Thanks to Seth Rogen -- the man has generated a lot of buzz." Groans from the crowd. "Well, what the hell."

5:04PM Sir Howard is still in the glasses. The man is dedicated, we'll say that.

5:03PM Seth and Jay getting back in the car. Seth: "I guess we're driving back to LA now."

5:03PM Seth: Maybe in the sequel we'll make it a hybrid. Which is not quite as cool.

5:02PM Sir Howard is still just rockin' the 3D glasses on stage. Psst -- we're in 3D out here without the specs!

5:02PM Sir Howard: It would be nice if it came with Cameron Diaz.

5:01PM Seth: It's rolling on dubs, as the kids say. Huge machine guns standard.

5:01PM "This car makes James Bond's Aston Martin looks sissy, doesn't it?"

5:01PM Seth Rogen and Jay Chow are with Sir Howard.

5:00PM Oh -- the Green Hornet care is rolling out onto stage. With Sir Howard Stringer inside!

5:00PM We were right about the Green Hornet saving the dude. Spoiler alert.

4:59PM The Green Hornet is probably going to save that guy from the other guy with a knife.

4:58PM Yep -- it's over. We're drained. But it's time for a clip from the Green Hornet -- the car from the movie is actually parked here in the booth.

4:57PM This soaring guitar solo suggests we're nearing the end.

4:57PM (If you can't tell, this is a rocket-ride montage of stuff Sony makes. It's intense.)

4:56PM Bon Jovi is wrinkle-rocking us in 3D.

4:56PM Nothing says family fun like 3D Avril Lavigne!

4:56PM A man with Move controllers is beating another man to death, virtually.

4:55PM Space music has kicked in, along with new VAIOs.

4:55PM They just flashed up that 3D Bloggie camera on the side of the screen, as well as what looks like a new NEX.

4:54PM Jets! Aston Martins! Fish! Video games! Volleyball! Antartica! More attractive people!

4:53PM Planets of Sony products and attractive Sony people are attacking us!

4:53PM Believe that anything you can imagine you can make real. Like these glowing dots currently on the screen.

4:52PM Time for 3D glasses -- here we go.

4:52PM We're starting soon! We've got high hopes here -- and whatever happens, Sony's CES event is always a ton of fun.

4:51PM They keep showing the Xperia X10 on the screen. Now shown: a Froyo upgrade for the Xperia X10. UPDATE: This was a terrible joke, ruined by a typo. It was supposed to say "Not shown." Our apologies -- liveblogging is a rough game.

4:47PM We're starting in five, we're told.

4:45PM We keep waiting for the big screen operator to screw up and throw up the PlayStation Phone, but no dice yet.

4:45PM They just announced that we're starting in 10... like four minutes ago. The music is a selection of Sony Music hitz, as usual -- and the requisite 3D glasses are on our seats as well.

4:27PM We're here, in line. Sony is once again pumping Ke$ha. R we really R who we R? We'll find out soon enough.