Dell Streak 7 first hands-on! (update: more video)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.06.11

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Dell Streak 7 first hands-on! (update: more video)
We just touched the Streak 7 for the first time, and if we had to sum it up, we'd say this thing is a giant Streak (the 5-inch version, that is) without an earpiece. That's not necessarily a bad thing considering that the Streak was a little too big to be a great phone and a little too small to be a great tablet; the glossy, curved design elements have never been the problem, and they look just as good here. The screen seems a bit washed-out -- it might not be the highest-quality thing in the world -- nor did it seem unusually speedy, though we're hoping Tegra 2 ends up kicking butt once the software's optimized.

Update: Check out two hands-on videos. After the break, of course.

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