HTC EVO 3D vs. EVO 4G... fight!

Naturally, one of the first things you need to do when you get your hands on an EVO 3D, of course, is pit it in brutal battle with its progenitor, the original EVO 4G -- a phone that was introduced at this exact same event a year ago. As we'd mentioned in our hands-on, we immediately noticed that the EVO 3D didn't feel particularly heavy or bulky in the hand; in fact, we would've guessed that it was a bit lighter than the 4G. Well, turns out they're almost exactly the same weight -- holding the two one right after the other, we couldn't detect a difference.

As for dimensions, the 4G is actually wider -- the 3D's quite a bit more manageable when you're holding it, especially if you don't have giant paws -- and they're right around the same thickness. Pretty amazing that HTC was able to pack this much additional heat into a phone one year after the first model without adding any bulk, isn't it? Science!