Security 'RIFT' has closed for iOS

The developers at Trion Worlds have given the players an active way to close the RIFT in security for the iPhone. As reported a couple of weeks ago, RIFT is following in World of Warcraft's footsteps with a mobile authenticator. Most of the time, being called a clone of WoW is a negative mark on the game, but in this case, it's a matter of personal security.

RIFT launched its authenticator on the Android platform first, giving those customers more peace of mind in the wake of reports of holes in the game's security. Today, Community Manager Erick "Zann" Adams posted that the authenticator is now available for the iPhone and other iOS products as well.

Because of the growing popularity of MMOs and other online games, these extra security measures are more than welcomed by the gaming community. If you are a RIFT player, then you can rush to the iTunes store or the Android market to pick up the authenticator or jump to the RIFT game site to find out more information.