Geely McCar comes with an electric scooter or wheelchair in the back

This is the Geely McCar: an ultra compact, two-door car that still manages to tuck an electric scooter in the back. Geely, the Chinese company that now owns Volvo, is hoping you'll use it for everything from golfing to navigating urban sprawl to traversing the Mall of America parking lot. The car itself comes in two versions: an all-electric one with a 12kWh battery that claims up to 93 miles on a charge, and a hybrid iteration that promises up to 31 miles on just electric power and 373 on a mix of gas and electricity. The scooter, meanwhile, can last up to 18 miles -- and be swapped out for a wheelchair for people with disabilities. Since debuting at the Shanghai Auto Show, there's been no word on whether the McCar will ship stateside -- or how much McDonald's loathes that name.

Update: The headline and body of this story have been updated to better reflect the car and scooter's potential to serve people with disabilities.