Airpiano on sale now, conduct a symphony of soft synths with the wave of a hand (video)

When last we saw the Airpiano way back in 2008 (ah, the halcyon days when people still cared about Spore) it was just a proof of concept, hacked together by interface design student Omer Yosha. Now you can finally order your own online for €1,099 (about $1,607) if you're in Europe, or €1,149 (about $1,680) if you dwell anywhere else on this little, blue marble we call Earth. The theremin-like Airpiano doesn't actually produce any sounds itself, instead it uses proximity sensors to feed MIDI and OSC (open sound control) signals to a computer over USB, allowing musicians and non-musicians alike to command soft synths with only the majestic wave of a hand. It may land you some confused stares from people who still play instruments with strings and keys (you know, Luddites), but it's certainly more dignified than planting yourself in front of a Beamz laser harp. A trio of videos awaits after the break.