Rovio up for three Develop Awards

Rovio, maker of Angry Birds, has been nominated for three different awards at this year's Develop Awards, honoring some of the best names in video game and interactive software development. The Finnish company has been nominated for Best Use of a License or IP (presumably for the Angry Birds Rio spinoff), Best Indie Studio, and Best Handheld Studio for its work on the mobile platforms.

There are a few other interesting names on the list (including NaturalMotion, who've made a few iOS games themselves, in addition to their physics engines, and Andreas Illiger, maker of the great Tiny Wings), though things seem to be aimed more towards the European continent than anywhere else.

Still, it'll be interesting to see who gets honored. The awards are to be given away in Brighton, England on July 20th of this year. We'll be sure to ask former TUAWer and Brighton native Nik Fletcher to sneak into the ceremony.