Barnes & Noble clarifies battery life on new Nook, calls out Kindle

Wondering which electronic reader reigns supreme when it comes to extreme battery life? If you ask Amazon, it's the Kindle, but Barnes & Noble begs to differ -- and it has some numbers to back that up. Earlier today we received a statement from the company explaining just how thrifty the new Nook is when it comes to sipping from cells. With WiFi disabled on both devices, B&N says it managed 150 hours on the new Nook when turning a page every minute. The current-gen Kindle, meanwhile, petered out after 56. That's almost three times as long and maybe, just maybe, enough to finally get you through Anna Karenina on one charge -- or at least through the Cliffs Notes version. More details on the testing overview below, which we promise can be rather more rapidly ingested.

With up to two months on a single charge, the All-New NOOK has the longest-battery life in the industry and superior battery performance to Kindle 3. In our side-by-side tests, under the exact same conditions, continuous use of the device resulted in more than two times Kindle's battery life. While reading at one page a minute, the All-New NOOK battery lasts for 150 hours where the Kindle battery, using the same page-turn rate, lasts for only 56 hours (both with Wi-Fi off). We've also done a continuous page turn test and at one page turn per second, the All-New NOOK offers more than 25,000 continuous page turns on a single charge.