Herotopia relaunches today!

"Calling all Superkids!" begins Jagex's press release announcing today's relaunch of its newest MMO Herotopia. The children's superhero game went live again today with a new content update, touting a new Mission System that "[gives] players more than 75 challenging quests to complete and five new mini-games, including daily Power Puzzles that test their creativeness, skill and knowledge of the world around them."

Heroptopia, which has received the prestigious Gold Award from the National Parenting Publications Awards, "offers kids a rich and engaging world for them to become their ultimate Superheroes" and allows them to visit real-world locations ranging from New York to Paris to the North Pole. Alongside the requisite quests and minigames, Herotopia offers players the chance to create their very own Fortresses of Solitude with the game's Secret Hideout system, which gives players "a fully customizable hero base where they can meet with their in-game friends."

What does Herotopia have to offer for kids (and their parents)? Caryn and Wade Teman, CEOs of Herotainment, had this to say: "When creating Herotopia, we as parents ourselves wanted to empower kids to be their own heroes and to get something more out of playing an online game than just a high score." The game is free-to-play, though it does offer a subscription option that provides players with additional acessories for their hideouts, an orangutan sidekick, more superpowers and vehicles, and access to an additional location known as Herotopia Island. In addition, a portion of all proceeds from subscriptions will be donated to children's charities voted on by the game's community.

For more information and to jump into the game, head over to the game's official site.