Replay XD1080 promises to capture your exteme activities without weighing you down

There's certainly no shortage of options available for those looking to record their death-defying (or not-so-death-defying) adventures, but Replay XD has now rolled out what it claims is the "smallest and lightest full HD action-camera on the market." That would be the XD1080, which measures 1.1 x 3.6 inches, records video up to 1080p / 30 fps, and can be attached to a helmet or just about anything else thanks to a range of accessories. You'll also get a built-in HDMI out port, and support for external audio sources (via an adapter) if you're not satisfied with the built-in mic. Still no word on a price, but that should be made known soon, as pre-orders are apparently starting tomorrow. Head on past the break for a sample video.

Update: We've just been informed that the kit (including a handful of accessories and a 4GB microSD card) will set you back $299.99.