Is this Nokia's Lankku?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.20.11

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Is this Nokia's Lankku?
Well, hello there... beautiful? It's a bit hard to tell, you know, given that shroud of mystery that's veiling what appears to be Nokia's heretofore elusive Lankku. If you'll recall, the outfit's first consumer MeeGo handset (N9-00) was purportedly axed back in February, and now it seems that the successor is finally getting its time in the sun. We're told by an insider that the object shown here may or may not keep the N9-01 moniker when it ships to consumers. Moreover, it'll run MeeGo Harmattan, ship in Q3 to folks in Europe, boast a 960 x 540 screen resolution, include an 8 megapixel AF (read: not EDoF) shooter and sport a frame that's just marginally thicker than the iPhone 4 -- reportedly, anyway. We'd obviously take all of this with a grain of salt for now, but with Elop himself set to speak this week in Singapore at CommuicAsia, hopefully the outfit's CEO will be the one shedding more light on the situation. Needless to say, we'll keep you abreast of any related developments.

Update: Oh, and these certainly look an awful lot like the first leaked press shots of this thing.

Update 2: Looks like she was it! This, folks, did indeed turn out to be the N9!
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