Raytheon readying directed energy warheads to fry enemy electronics, cook allied Pop Tarts

Raytheon, the people who brought you the pain ray, are at it again. The defense giant is planning an arsenal of "directed energy warheads" expected to use radio and microwaves to electronically neutralize targets rather than blow them up. The company's being typically secretive about details, but mentions the recent acquisition of Ktech, a firm specializing in airborne electronic warfare and enemy vulnerability assessment, giving us a clue about how it might all work. It's believed the tech will be retrofitted to existing missiles: the new payloads will identify vulnerable electronics then disrupt or even destroy them with a radio frequency beam or high-powered microwaves (HPM). The warheads would monitor the results, providing valuable battlefield intelligence -- while, of course, killing fewer dudes on the ground. With industry rival BAE working on a seaworthy microwave gun to fry boat engines, we're looking forward to future of friendly drones circling overhead, always ready to heat up our Hot Pockets.