Apple considering TSMC mobile chips?

We hope you're ready for a heaping helping of Apple speculation, because Reuters is serving up a nice big slice of rumor pie today. According to the ever-present "source with knowledge of the matter," Taiwanese chipmaker, TSMC is gearing up to supply Apple with its next generation mobile processors. According to the apparently credible anonymous source, TSMC has already begun trial manufacturing on the chips and "has got all the authorization and details ready." As you may already know, Apple's current supplier of its A5 CPU is Samsung, and relations between the two have been rocky (at least in court). This round of speculation also comes just one year after TSMC began construction on its new $9.3 billion foundry, and teamed up with ARM -- the brains behind the A5. Of course all parties have declined to comment, which lands this report squarely in the grapevine for now, but we'll keep you posted if it winds its way into reality.