Functional improvements coming to the store for Lord of the Rings Online


The store for Lord of the Rings Online is probably not the sort of epic adventure you think of when you consider Middle-earth. But it's an integral part of the game's setup now that it's moved over to free-to-play, and so it's in the best interests of Turbine Entertainment to make the store as easy to navigate and productive as possible. To that end, the team has announced a set of coming updates that should help players navigate the store, make purchases, and manage those purchases with the greatest of ease.

The two biggest additions at a glance are the inclusion of a Quick Buy button and an Add to Cart button, with the former saving the need for a shopping cart trick and the latter allowing you to stay on the page after adding the item. Also added are a Recent Buy tab and some improvements to the visual elements of the store, making it easier for players to see which categories have additional items. No, it's not quite as exciting as slaying dragons and Uruk-Hai, but it should make it a little easier to buy the gear to do so.