Tokyo Game Show 2011 draws largest crowd ever as show floor continues to shrink

Though shrinking booth sizes and publishers entirely skipping this year's event characterized the Tokyo Game Show, it saw its highest attendance numbers ever in 2011, according to the event's organizers. Over four days, the event drew 222,668 visitors, averaging 85K people on the two public days and 26K on the two "industry" days. TGS grew by 15,021 visitors in 2011 (3.25 percent), with each of its four days seeing individual growth as well.

The next show has been scheduled for 2012, and will take place from September 20 through September 23, once again at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. We'll be on-site for breaking news, liveblogs, and, of course, videos of Rappies. We've also got our usual list of ... alternative statistics after the break.

  • Wait, in minutes, for Child of Eden demo on business day: 90

  • Trains between Joystiq hotel and TGS, each way, per day: 4

  • Drinks purchased with floating things in them: 2

  • Consumed: 0.1

  • Humidity, by percent: 1,000,000

  • Curry meals consumed solely by JC: 4

  • Consumed by other staff: 2

  • Hours held hostage on a boat by Sony: 5

  • Video games played by Ben (aside from Jetpack Joyride): 3

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Press Release

September 22, 2011

The Tokyo Game Show 2011 Result Flash Report!

A Record High of 222,668 Visitors!

Highest number of visitors for single day also

--The Tokyo Game Show will continue to "Cheer up Japan

with Games."--

Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc

The Tokyo Game Show 2011 was held over a four-day period from

Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2011 at Makuhari

Messe(Location:Chiba-shi,Chiba)hosted by the Computer Entertainment

Supplier's Association(CESA; Chairman: Yoichi Wada; Location:

Minato-ku, Tokyo), in cooperation with Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

(Nikkei BP; President & CEO: Kohei Osada; Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo).

The total number of visitors has been announced.

[Tokyo Game Show 2011 Statistics of Number of Visitors]

-Sep.15(Thu)"Business Day":25,631

-Sep.16(Fri)"Business Day":27,042

-Sep.17(Sat)"Public Day":86,251

*including 8,798 in Family area

-Sep.18(Sun)"Public Day":83,744

*including 14,848 in Family area


*including 23,646 in Family area

The Tokyo Game Show attracted more than 200,000 visitors last year

for the first time since the Tokyo Game Show was launched. This year,

the show welcomed 15,021 more visitors than the last year, reaching

the record high of 222,668 visitors.

The number of visitors on September 17 (Sat) was 86,251 visitors, which

exceeded the record of 84,823 visitors on September 23 (Sat), 2006 for

single day, also reaching the highest number of visitors of all time.

In the Tokyo Game Show 2011, there were large number of exhibitions of

social games and services for social networking services (SNS), along

with the exhibitions of new titles combined with the announcement/release

of new mobile game devices. The collection of game titles and products

for a wide range of genres such as smart phones, future phones, PCs in

addition to the console game devices attracted various users, leading to

the record number of visitors.

Additionally, this year, the Tokyo Game Show participated in the fundraising

activities to support the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

under the slogan of "Cheer up Japan with Games", in cooperation with

exhibitors and creators. At the booth for the sponsored event "Cheer up Japan

with Games", numerous visitors showed their approvals for the message cards

exhibition, etc. We are certain that the warm messages from all members that

were involved in the Tokyo Game Show have reached the people in the

affected area.

The Tokyo Game Show 2012 is scheduled to be held again at Makuhari Messe

from Thursday, September 20 to Sunday, September 23, 2012. We aim to bring

the Tokyo Game Show that can meet the expectations of exhibitors and visitors

from all over the world in the next year as well.

Stay tuned!