Fallen Earth launching free-to-play conversion with a last chance at veteran rewards

Da Choppa

As of October 12th, Fallen Earth will be the latest title to join the hybrid free-to-play business model. This also means that Wednesday marks the end of the road for players who want to be subscribed before that transition in order to be eligible for special veteran rewards. Returning and existing players will find waiting for them upon login a Spiked Chopper, a vehicle that will allow them to get from place to place while still looking as stylish as possible. Existing subscribers will be eligible for the veteran rewards package, which include monthly gifts, wardrobe spots, and a discount on the top subscription tier.

But even if you're not subscribed when the change takes place, you can still benefit from the new world events being brought to the game with this update. Taking place randomly in any part of the wasteland, these spontaneous special quests will allow players to dynamically jump in and take part in the struggle to preserve the wasteland and society from the forces that threaten it. Special rewards are also available for players who take part, giving all the more reason for both free and paid players to jump back into the sandbox environment of the wasteland.

[Source: GamersFirst press release]