The MMO Report: Purple tie edition

The MMO Report

This week on the MMO Report ("where raids kill marriages dead"), Casey Schreiner covers Blizzard's charity-driven auctions for World of Warcraft server blades, The Secret World's plans for factional PvP, Star Wars: The Old Republic's new European release date and NYCC video, and CCP's ongoing mea culpa. He also jokingly suggests that the upcoming F2P browser-based Transformers MMO is "pretty much a standard MMO with no unique features other than the fact that you can transform into your own mount." Fighting words indeed!

After a quick dip into the mailbag, Casey ends on a serious note by pointing out his swanky purple duds are his way of showing support for bullied LGBT youth among the gaming populace. The next time you hear a slur in a game, Casey advises, you should demand to know why the hater's "intellect is in a constant state of debuff."

All that and more embedded after the break!