The Daily Grind: Do you banksit?

Banksitting bear is sitting in a bank

In every MMO with a bank, players banksit. OK, so people preferred to cantina-sit in Star Wars Galaxies, and entire guilds banksat in Ultima Online as a show of strength, but they just prove the rule: Gamers love to be seen, and they flock to the most active spots in the game to make sure that happens, even if it means standing around all day pretending to shuffle Very Important Items in their storage vaults while feeling superior to any newbie who enviously inspects their gear. In many cases, players are deliberately banksitting instead of sitting in their player cities, homes, guild halls, or other game-issued gathering spot, like taverns or inns, never mind the fact that said players could be out actually adventuring, and because of that, "banksitting" is almost a dirty word in some MMOs.

So do you banksit? Do you do it while waiting for something more interesting to happen, like a queue popping or your buddy hopping online? Do you do it to people-watch, to see and be seen? Do you banksit to truly feel how massive and busy your chosen game is, to meet new people and enjoy the thrum of activity? Or do you think the whole concept of hanging out at a bank is just as silly in a game as it is in the real world?

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